Summer Youth


The summer of 2017 was a busy one for Creative Rehab and many young workers in the area.  Creative Rehab provided a Summer Youth Work Experience for high school-aged young adults at worksites all around Holmes, Medina, Stark, Summit, and Tuscarawas Counties.  This five week program taught the young workers a variety of work-related skills and lessons that will help them grow and succeed, not just in work, but also in life.  A total of 74 workers completed the entire five weeks, so these 74 were eligible for one of two laptops that were given away by Creative Rehab.  The winners are shown above; Brianna and Brandon. Congratulations to Brianna and Brandon, and to all that participated this summer!  The Summer Youth Work Experience was a great success, and Creative Rehab is already working on plans to make next summer even better.  

Community Based Assessment


Creative Rehab client, Danielle, had an opportunity during her Community Based Assessment assignment at the Cuyahoga Falls Parks and Recreation Department to use her creative and technical skills as a project manager for two upcoming art projects scheduled for this spring: Chalk Safari and Rainworks. For these projects, Danielle was asked to create exciting stencils that will provide fun and information for the public for Cuyahoga Falls “Flicks on the Falls” event and the grand opening of “Downtown Cuyahoga Falls” in 2018. 

For Rainworks, Danielle began her work by researching local history and interesting geographical facts about the area, and for Chalk Safari, Danielle did research on African animals and geography. With the assistance of her job coach, Cheryl Heer, Danielle learned different research techniques on how to find accurate, credible information on the Internet for her assignment.  On the last day of the assignment, Danielle conducted a group presentation on her projects.  Assistant Superintendent Megan Moreland who supervised the projects stated she was “impressed with Danielle’s work ethic and creativity” after the presentation. 

Danielle commented that the Community Based Assessment benefited her in many different ways. As Danielle stated, “I have become more independent, I have learned new research and computer skills, and I have learned how to perform well on a job.”